“and there he was again, this Hally, with his face painted white, dressed in a striped jumper and waistcoat, singing about beach balls and handstands”

A fascination with hally by Peter Doran

“At his core he’s a singer songwriter and a tentative poet whose nature is experimental. His style has an indie folk predominance, jazz undertones, ambient textures and electronic episodes. He’s uses spoken word cushioned by a raging bebop band to further emaciate his rant.”

Patrick Spillane, Nasty Pop Magazine

“Being at @Hallymusic last night was without doubt the gig of the year for me to see, hear, dance to & get lost in. If you are not aware of hally’s tunes, get involved asap!”

Graham Hopkins, Drummer

“it could just be a bloke in his room reading poetry to bad jazz, after all, who in their right mind thinks that they could produce 52 quality works in a year. But has Hally ever been in his ‘right mind’? Oh, how surprised I was…”

Bobby Green, Musician.ie